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Payroll Services

Payroll may be your biggest expense.

Might as well do it right.

Payroll is an important part of your business. That goes without saying, but we figured we’d throw it out there. For many businesses, it is the single biggest operating expense. Payroll is not an overly complicated piece of the accounting process, but it does take time, accuracy, and consistency. We can provide you all three, taking payroll off your plate entirely, or training your staff.


Doing payroll improperly can be a quick way to crash employee morale and create animosity within your business. You, as well as your employees and contractors, want to be paid on time and accurately. We’d venture to say you NEED to be paid on time and accurately. Missing hours and incorrect deductions create problems for you and your employees. At PaperLight Virtual Accounting and Tax, we love payroll. Another area of your business that can be streamlined for efficiency, payroll can be a monster depending on your situation. Put your payroll on auto-pilot today!


Outsourcing your payroll frees up more time for you to run your business, plain and simple.

What's all included with our payroll service?

  • We will work with you to determine the best payroll service and method for your business.

  • We will do any setup and training necessary for your staff.

  • We will run payroll according to your schedule, verifying items such as federal taxes, employee benefits, and child support are correct.

  • We will run a payroll reconciliation for ever pay period, ensuring you and your employees are paid correctly.

  • We will file any necessary monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with the appropriate government agencies on your behalf.

  • We will file your W-2 and W-3 reports at year end and ensure they are delivered to your employees.

  • We will file your 1099 reports and ensure they are delivered to your contractors.

Put your payroll on autopilot, freeing up more time to do what you love!

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