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Who We Are

We love numbers,
Yes we do.
We love numbers,
How 'bout you?
Didn't think so.

You’re a hustler. You'll outwork any competition and overcome adversity by doing what needs to be done. You could sell anything to anybody. You’re a marketing genius, always finding a way to take your products and services to the next level. Maybe these and many more can be used to describe you as the owner of your own business.
But you’re NOT an accountant. The numbers can be confusing, overwhelming, and quite frankly, BORING. What’s a Cash Flow Statement? Journal entries? Depreciation? Heck no.
That’s where we come in.

We can stare at numbers for hours and hours and still be having fun. We nerd out over financial reports and cash flow analyses. Let us work for you.

Get back to doing what you love by letting us do what we love







We treat your business like it's our own, because in a way, it is.

At PaperLight Virtual Accounting and Tax we realize the importance of the accounting process for your business. Clean bookkeeping, error-free financials, and proper financial support can change the course of your business for the future.

We'd like to tag along for the ride. We want to create long-lasting relationships with our clients who can trust us with all their accounting needs. It is in our best interest that your business thrives. We can help ensure this happens by eliminating waste and providing pristine financial information, all at a great value.
Our goal is for you to keep as much of YOUR money as possible. Whether that be through a solid tax reduction plan or identifying waste in your business, we will be proactive in alerting you of what you need to know.

We hope to be a vital part of your business for years to come. 

We are a family-run business with family values, and we'll treat you the same.

We are Jacob and Stephanie Westerfield, and we want to be your accountants. We are the owners and operators of PaperLight Virtual Accounting and Tax.

Both natives of the Waco, Texas area, we bring fourteen-plus combined years of accounting and business operations experience. We are on a mission to provide the highest quality service for the best value possible.

Our two kids make our world go around, and it is our goal to provide for them in any way we can. We enjoy spending our time together going to the zoo, eating pizza, watching The Office, and swimming at Grammy and Grampa's house.

With our accounting service, we provide an ethical, hard-work driven approach to your business.

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