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Quickbooks Services

Quickbooks can transform your business. We can ensure it’s done right.

Quickbooks is the leading small to medium-sized business accounting software in the world. From its ease of use to its affordability, Quickbooks allows small business owners to have an accounting software that handles multiple areas of their business all in one place. Sending invoices, paying employees, paying bills, managing money, and running complex reports are just a few of the features offered. Here at PaperLight Virtual Accounting & Tax, we love Quickbooks. We firmly believe that for the price, there is no better or more valuable small business accounting solution.


You sign up for Quickbooks. You’re excited to finally have a grasp on your accounting. You go through the setup process. You’re not 100% sure you did it right,but you press on. You land on the homepage for your business. You start clicking around looking at all the different functions. You’re overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. Chart of accounts? Journal entries? Opening balance? You quickly close it and decide to come back later. But we both know that won’t happen.

We can help! We are certified Quickbooks experts, and we love walking through the complex steps of setting up company files. Whether you need a new company file from scratch or just need a little help with an existing file, we can tackle it. We are well-versed in Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. We also love creating training materials for you and your employees to ensure Quickbooks processes are done correctly. Your Quickbooks file is very important to your business and keeping it clean will improve efficiency, reduce errors, and produce accurate financial data you can trust.


Quickbooks can help your business get a grip on its numbers, allowing you to make better decisions and act proactively.

Quickbooks Services


New to Quickbooks? Let us ensure your file is set up properly from the start, saving you time later.


Is your file a mess? We can fix it. Cleaning up an existing file will get your business back on track.


We can train you and your team on how to use Quickbooks, creating custom training material for your business.


We have standard Quickbooks starter courses that are a great start to your Quickbooks journey.


Want to switch from Desktop to Online? We can get your file on the cloud, modernizing your accounting.


Not sure if Quickbooks is right for you? We will work with you to determine the best solution.

Your Certified Quickbooks Experts

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Quickbooks Online Features

See how Quickbooks Online can transform your business

Create Invoices

Get paid for the work you do. Create invoices with your logo and service information. Customers can pay via email link, speeding up your cash flow process. Invoices can also be created and sent from the mobile app. Get paid faster!
Quickbooks Invoicing.png
Quickbooks billing.png

Pay Bills

Track bills and expenses from vendors. Keep track of money you owe as well as pay vendors electronically right in Quickbooks. Be in the know on what you owe!

Manage Accounts

Your business may have many bank and credit card accounts. Manage all of them on one screen in Quickbooks. Its easy to see transactions and categorize them on the fly. Always know where your money is going!
Quickbooks banking.png
Quickbooks receipts.png

Manage Receipts

Tired of having to keep your receipts on file and organized? Every receipt can be uploaded to Quickbooks where it will be kept forever. Receipts can be uploaded from a computer, forwarded from email, or snapped on the mobile app. Upload your receipt, match it to a transaction, and you're done!

Advanced Reporting

Quickbooks Online comes standard with a variety of advanced reports for your business. Custom reports can also be made, allowing you to take a deep dive into the key metrics of your choosing.
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Quickbooks projects.png

Project Reporting

Are your sales driven by projects? Quickbooks Online allows you to categorize sales and expenses on a project basis, allowing you to see profitability for each job.

Cash Flow Planner

Cash flow is an important part of your business planning. Want to make a big purchase? Forecast future sales? Add an employee? See the impact on your business with the cash flow planner in Quickbooks Online.
Quickbooks cash flow.png
quickbooks mileage.png

Track Mileage

Do you drive to job sites? To pick up materials? Visit Clients? Quickbooks Online can help you track every trip, allowing you to maximize your tax deductions. With the Quickbooks Online mobile app, your trips can be automatically tracked for you, making the process very simple.

...And So Much More

Pay employees, manage sales tax, file 1099's, and more! The features included in a Quickbooks Online subscription are value-packed, making it the only choice for PaperLight Virtual Accounting & Tax. Contact us today to see if it is the right choice for your business!
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